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Earn a Living Through Carpentry
Carpentry is a skilled trade and craft that involves the shaping, cutting, and installation of building materials. Carpenters use specialized tools and methods to achieve the desired result. The profession is highly rewarding and is often a good option for people who love working with their hands. Learn more about the different ways to earn a living through carpentry.

Before the advent of writing, little information was recorded about carpentry. Most knowledge was simply passed down through generations. The invention of cave painting and writing made it possible to record a few items, but not much. The oldest complete architectural text is Vitruvius’s De architectura, which contains some information about carpentry. The introduction of the printing press altered this, and builders started publishing guides to their trades.

Apprenticeships are also an excellent way to learn the trade. Apprentices earn by the hour on a job site, so they can earn while they learn. Beginning wages are usually 60 per cent of what a journeyperson makes, and this amount increases as the apprentice learns the trade. The age of apprentices varies, but in general, they should have a high school diploma. If they are planning to enter a carpentry apprenticeship, they may want to consider taking math, shop, industrial arts, mechanical drawing, and other related courses. Some provinces offer secondary school apprenticeship programs that allow high school students to earn while they study.

The use of wood as a building material has been around for centuries. By the 16th century, sawmills were widely used, establishing a timber industry. By the 19th century, the use of steam engines and cut nails changed the way carpentry was done. Despite the changes in the way people construct homes, timber construction is still prevalent. Today, modern carpentry tools have improved the efficiency of construction and the cost of building.

Carpentry is a highly skilled trade that involves a high level of physical exertion. Carpenters spend much of their day lifting and moving heavy materials. They are also required to stand, bend, and climb for prolonged periods of time. They must be able to work in a team and communicate well with others. Some may also interact directly with clients, so good verbal and written communication skills are vital for this profession.

A carpenter can specialize in many types of work. One type of carpentry is finish carpentry, which focuses on building stairs, pergolas, and other structures. A second type of carpentry involves building structures using concrete. Other types of carpentry include formwork carpenters, who build forms for concrete pours. Another specialty of carpentry is cabinetmaking, which involves the building and repair of cabinets and other wooden objects.

Apprenticeships are a common route to becoming a carpenter. Apprenticeships last four years and include on-the-job training and technical instruction at a college. Once they’ve completed their training, carpenters can apply for certifications that demonstrate their skill level and ability in the field.

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